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All About Our Electronics Restoration Services

At Master Care Restoration Services, we take pride in our work and our valued customers receive the highest possible level of service with each and every project we have bestowed upon us. If you have experienced some sort of disaster and you now need Electronics Restoration services, please don't hesitate to reach out to our operators at (248) 521-6186, available 24 hrs for your emergency. Our electronic salvage and restoration crews are available 24 hours in case of emergency, we are not only available 24 hours, but we are known experts and masters in our field of electronic restoration in your home or business withing in Novi, MI. Call today at (248) 521-6186 to request our experts at Master Care Restoration Services today!

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We are an approved Electronics Restoration service center for home and commercial appliances including microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners and bread makers. Call Master Care Restoration Services. We also provide a call out service to repair faulty TV and microwave equipment. Our service center is easy to access and provides electronics and digital restoration. We are located in Novi. We can fix most brands and models of phones. Liquid damage, e.g. if you’ve dropped your phone into water. Each one of our qualified technicians is professionally trained and can provide you with the best service.

Residential & Commercial Electronics Restoration in Novi, Michigan, 48167

At Master Care Restoration Services, our Electronics Restoration technicians are highly qualified and have years of experience in electronic repairs. We guarantee the best quality service at a very affordable price. We work on smart TV's and plasma TV’s, LCD, and LED. We help with microwaves and blu ray Players, DVDs, even VCRs! Our electronics and digital restoration business has continued its success as one of the leading electronic repair stores of the Novi, Michigan, 48167 region. We specialize in repairs on household appliances along with insurance repairs and we pride ourselves on quality service.

electronic restoration

We are able to repair all makes and models of music keyboard instruments, and am registered to perform warranty maintenance on the majority. For newer equipment, parts are easily sourced and may be inexpensive to replace. However, for older equipment, it is common for printed circuit boards (PCBs) to become obsolete and irreplaceable. Master Care Restoration Services will handle your instrument inquiry initially, and if required rectify any faults found. We are located in Novi, MI, 48167 and handle Electronics Restoration requests. We also provide electronic salvage and restoration service on CD players, amplifiers, stereos, tunes ins, and set ups.

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No matter the type of damage, rest assured the team at Master Care Restoration Services has the capabilities to restore and recover electronics appearance, functionality, and data. At our Electronics Restoration team location, we’ve been setting the bar for outstanding results and exceptional service. Time is critical when a water disaster occurs and electronics have been affected. We are located in Novi, Michigan. When a structure is wet the contractor will “open” it to help circulate the air and continue the drying process. We provide electronics and digital restoration.