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All About Our Document Drying Services

Here at Master Care Restoration Services, our number one goal is make certain that all our valued customers receive the highest possible level of care. If your property; whether it be your personal paperwork or business documents, we are here when you need Document Drying professionals to take a look! Don't hesitate to reach out to our operators at (248) 521-6186, we are available 24 hrs for your emergency. Our Document Restoration teams are here for you always, we are not only available 24/7, but they are known professionals in the field of Document Drying in your home or business withing in Livonia, MI. Call today at (248) 521-6186 to request service from our experts at Master Care Restoration Services today!


Call Master Care Restoration Services for help. Personal possessions require Document Drying and Restoration because some carry sentimental value that is irreplaceable. We are located in Livonia, Michigan, 48150 and our phone number is (248) 521-6186. Some items we can restore can be anything from medical documents to books, marriage licenses, immigration data, or even court records and dates.

Residential & Commercial Document Drying in Livonia

This Document Drying can include working with partners that have expertise in dealing with art, electronics, furniture restoration, document/photo restoration and restoration dry-cleaning for clothing. These items are very important, and need to be restored after enduring the harsh effects of water. At Master Care Restoration Services, we do our best to save and preserve as many of your contents as possible in Livonia, Michigan, 48150. We can help you assess the damage to your contents and put together a restoration plan, Document Recovery, to help get you back to pre-loss condition.


Call Master Care Restoration Services. Water losses are the most common type of property damage in Livonia, Michigan, 48150. Luckily, if you call within a timely manner, your local restoration company can more than likely restore your documents and have them looking as good as they did before they were damaged. Before Document Drying, some things that you may see after your materials have been damaged are bleeding ink, deformation of the paper, and it just being completely soaked. Most likely, Document Drying and Restoration is needed.

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If a law firm suffered water damage and lost documents, your local restoration company in Livonia, Michigan can take care of it. There are many processes that can be done to salvage your documents which include freeze drying, vacuum thermal drying, dehumidification, or even plain air drying. Call Master Care Restoration Services for Document Drying. The cleanliness of the water, the general environment and the exposure time will impact your contents and their ability to be restored. Sometimes, Document Drying can be helpful. Water can come from an internal source, such as a leaking water heater or overflowing toilet.