Broken Pipes: Water Damage Extraction

After a long period of time, Broken Pipes will occur with temperatures below 32 Fahrenheit, when the temperature increases, the pipes of a house may expand abruptly and burst. Please call our 24 hour direct Emergency line at (248) 521-6186 and an on call water damage technician will take your call and respond within 1 hour of your water damage emergency.

It is very important to frequently check the basement or any other place in the house that could be leaking, never allow a Water Damage to sit for a long period of time, any water damage left for over 12 hours has a potential of growing mold or mildew.

Water Damage Extraction prevents water from wicking into walls and could save the integrity of your homes structure and eliminate additional damage that may occur. Master Care Restoration of Michigan will use its high power water extraction truck mount system to extract any amount of water that has intruded into your home or business.

Be sure to inspect the downspouts to see if they are clear and can drain the water. Master Care Restoration Services of Michigan will provide water damage extraction to any home or business, Water damage extraction is extracting water in a home that is cause by a water intrusion, any home or business effected by water intrusion or broken pipe should shut off the main water and call a response team to extract the standing water in your home or business.

Master Care Restoration Services of Livonia, Michigan has a full Water Extraction team that will respond to any emergency 24 hour hours a day 365 days a year. Master Care Restoration Services of Livonia, Michigan is Certified with the IICRC in Water Damage Restoration and has certified technicians to assist you in your water loss.

Water Damage Extraction will mitigate and minimize any future secondary damage that may occur if left unattended . Please call us immediately if in need of any  Water Damage Services at (248) 521-6186